The Paradigm

Has Changed.

Klarisana is a radically different healthcare organization.

We reject the dominant paradigm of treatments that just don’t work. We reject the paradigm that says that opioids are the best way to treat chronic pain…we reject the paradigm that depression and PTSD have to be treated with medications that numb the senses and inhibit a person’s ability to experience joy and compassion. We embrace the concept that effective pain management can be achieved without putting patients at risk. We embrace the concept that guiding someone through an altered state of consciousness is not a side effect but rather the key to unlocking a transformational experience.

Severe Depression

Ketamine is proven to break the cycle of treatment-resistant depression in over 70% of patients


Ketamine can reframe the cognitive paradigm of those who suffer with post-traumatic stress


Many patients find that the dissociative experience of ketamine can disrupt the false narrative of anxiety

Chronic Pain

Ketamine can derail the disruptive feedback loop of chronic pain and Central Sensitization
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What is Psychedelic Medicine

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The Psychotropic Therapeutic Response

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Target Receptor Therapy Can Derail Chronic Pain

Suicide Statistics

Americans die by suicide every year
Leading cause of death in the US

Veteran Suicide Statistics

Average Veterans a day died from suicide in 2014
Higher among Veterans compared with U.S. civilian adults
Of U.S. adult population made up by Veterans who committed suicide in 2010
Of U.S. adult population made up by Veterans who committed suicide in 2014

PTSD Statistics

Lifetime prevalence of PTSD among men
Lifetime prevalence of PTSD among women
Prevalence of PTSD Among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Chronic Pain Statistics

Americans report having daily pain for the previous three months
Million Americans suffer from chronic pain daily

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