Ketamine Research Studies

We are fully committed to expand our research on the medicinal potential of ketamine.

Ketamine therapy – pushing knowledge further

Over the years, remarkable evidence of ketamine’s therapeutic properties on the human brain has been brought to the surface by scientists. Although significant knowledge has been unveiled in the last decades, the whole potential of psychedelic medicine is yet to be fully grasped by the scientific community.

In that sense, Klarisana is absolutely committed to maintaining its investment in ketamine research studies and educational programs in order to keep pushing scientific knowledge further.

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Ketamine research studies

Many studies about ketamine research have been conducted on the effectiveness of ketamine in treating mental health disorders, such as PTSD, severe anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, and chronic pain.

Regarding mental health, recent in-house research suggests that high-dose ketamine therapy could be a valuable tool in the treatment of combat-related PTSD. Consult our studies’ reports below.


Klarisana IM Ketamine Major Depressive Disorder Medicaid Study
Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health
October, 2021
Improvement of Mental Health Symptoms in Response to Ketamine Therapy in Medicaid-Eligible Patients
Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health
June, 2023
Klarisana Ketamine PTSD Study
Annals of Clinical Psychiatry
November, 2019
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