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Klarisana – Ketamine Treatment Austin
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Break through chaos with ketamine therapy in Austin

As a pioneer of ketamine therapy, Klarisana is one of the longest-running ketamine treatment centers in the U.S. Our ketamine clinics in Austin and other cities are constantly redefining the limits of psychedelic-assisted ketamine therapy going beyond the industry standard to bring new breakthroughs to the field.

Austin Ketamine Clinic for depression and PTSD treatment

If you’re seeking treatment for chronic conditions such as severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even physical pain in Austin, Klarisana may be able to help you step through mental and physical distress.

Our treatment protocols are sustained by published medical evidence, specifically designed to empower and support our patients as they revisit past traumas and painful memories from a much more positive and deeply spiritual perspective.

Ketamine treatments in Austin

What to expect

Compassionate Austin ketamine specialists by your side

When venturing into a new territory of treatment, it’s normal to feel a little nervous. At Klarisana Austin, we can assure you that you’re in good hands. Every member of our team owns the experience and training necessary to provide you with the safest and most comfortable ketamine treatment experience possible.

Holly Thrailkill
Nurse Practitioner
Jennifer Curtis
Nurse Practitioner
Theresa Riggins
Nurse Practitioner
Sarah Grant
Nurse Practitioner
Claudia Pyland, PhD
Chelsea Kelley
Nurse Practitioner
Sarah Wycheck
Nurse Practitioner

Klarisana Austin Ketamine Clinic

Klarisana’s mental health clinic in Austin is located in a quiet and serene area in the northwest part of the city. It was the first dedicated ketamine therapy clinic in the Austin area that was built from the ground up with the express purpose of providing accessible and affordable ketamine therapy.

We are the most experienced ketamine center in the greater Austin area. As with all of our centers, Klarisana Austin is part of a program that represents the first step towards liberating our patients from their personal mental health struggles. If you want to become a patient, let’s talk.



I had a very pleasant experience at Klarisana. The staff are all very attentive and accommodating. They treated me with respect from the moment I stepped foot in the office for the first time. I am definitely in a better place mentally now than I was when I began treatment, and the physical pain that I was feeling has improved significantly as well.

Anna T. ,