About Klarisana

We are a mission-driven organization invested in helping people fulfill their purpose.

Klarisana Physician Services

– Our History
Picture of the owner, Dr. Carl J. Bonnett

After spending 20 years in the Army National Guard and being deployed four times to Iraq and Afghanistan, Dr. Carl J. Bonnett, MD founded Klarisana in 2015.

Back then, Carl was extremely concerned about the alarming war veteran suicide rate in our nation, and the way war veterans’ symptoms of PTSD, depression, and chronic pain were being poorly controlled and cared for. When confronted with this tragic panorama, he felt a sense of urgency to help all people going through mental trauma get access to ketamine therapy, which sparked a tremendous shift in his own experience perception.

As an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Bonnett had extensive experience with ketamine in both hospital settings and in forward-deployed military environments. To him, the concept that ketamine could actually treat severe depression, PTSD, and other mental health conditions represented a radical, yet exciting paradigm shift in the traditional use of ketamine.

Carl firmly believes that the only reason why he survived his time in Iraq was that his life purpose was yet to be fulfilled, that something much bigger than himself was yet to be found and accomplished — and that was to be the founder of Klarisana, a purpose-driven organization that truly makes a difference in giving people’s mentally-struggling lives a doorway to a powerful, perception-altering, and spiritual experience.

A Story of Growth and Innovation

In the midst of this worrying context, Klarisana was born in an austere one-room office on the northside of San Antonio, Texas. Looking back, we can only smile and feel immensely proud of our 12 x 20-foot office, probably the smallest ketamine clinic in the world at the time. It was the first center in southern Texas created from the ground up, with the sole purpose of providing ketamine therapy for the treatment of mental health disorders. Back then, there were only a handful of ketamine centers in the US and none in the state of Texas. We had patients flying to San Antonio from all around the country to receive treatment. We continued to perfect the process of administering outpatient ketamine and we were impressed by the positive changes that ketamine brought to our patients.

Nowadays, not only does the San Antonio clinic operate out of a much larger facility capable of providing a higher level of comfort and tranquility to our patients, but we have also succeeded in opening our second clinic in Austin, Texas. From that pivotal moment in Klarisana’s growth timeline, we kept on expanding our physician services gradually over Texas and the state of Colorado, where we run several established clinics. Check all the locations of Klarisana’s clinics.

Klarisana clinic, an all-embracing promise

As a founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Klarisana’s goal has always been to develop our clinics into premier facilities for making ketamine therapy accessible and affordable to all people suffering from psychological disorders, regardless of their social and economic backgrounds, or any other discriminating factor.

In order to meet our affordability policies and fulfill the promise of making ketamine therapy available to the largest number of patients possible, we provide the best rates for ketamine treatment and partnerships with insurance companies, like Colorado Medicaid, as well as several other private insurance carriers for non-ketamine related services.