At Klarisana, we are always looking to work with the best professionals in ketamine therapy.
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If you feel like Klarisana is the right place for you to put your scientific expertise and human qualities at the service of other people’s mental well-being, check our currently available positions and send us your application.

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Values and mission

Our mission is to provide ketamine therapy for people suffering from mental disorders (such as severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain), regardless of their social or economic background, through a patient-centered approach.

We sustain our work philosophy on the belief that access to alternative and quality mental health services should not be an upper-class privilege. As a team, we feel the need and moral duty to bring ketamine therapy to those in need by making these treatments more visible and considered, as well as more accessible and affordable.


Research and education

We are fully committed to following our investment policy in ketamine research studies and educational programs in order to demystify misconceptions related to psychedelic medicine and to keep pushing scientific knowledge even further.

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