Ketamine Therapy for Anxiety Relief

Our treatment philosophy views anxiety as subconscious programming that has created a counterproductive world view in a person. They are locked in a cycle where they rely on previous experiences and programming to create a hypothetical future which likely will never come to pass anyway. Ketamine can create a space of detachment and separation which allows a person to better live in the moment and reframe their paradigm of the world. 

Ketamine Treatment for Anxiety

When treating anxiety with ketamine, we encourage patients to create positive present tense affirmations to use in conjunction with ketamine therapy to help remodel the subconscious mind. In this process we draw a great deal of inspiration from the author (and former psychiatrist) Ram Das. In his book “Be Here Now” he describes how the practice of continuously being in the present moment makes it very difficult to be anxious about the future. This is clearly easier said than done however the ego-disruption and transpersonal disconnection of ketamine can help patients reframe their mental paradigm.

Everything changes once we identify with being the witness to the story, instead of the actor in it.” – Ram Das

What does it mean to change a mental paradigm?

The way in which ketamine can treat anxiety is challenging to put in words because the answer cannot be given to a patient…it must be shown. To illustrate how a psychedelic experience can potentially help with severe anxiety it is best to use analogies.

Imagine that a person is trapped in a room and there is a device on the table that looks like a bomb. It has a countdown timer that is set at three minutes and is counting down. There are wires and bricks of a substance that looks like an explosive. This person would justifiably be very anxious about this situation. Imagine they receive a phone call and the caller tries to reassure them not to worry and that…the bomb won’t go off. The person in the room however truly believes this is a bomb with less than three minutes left on the time…no amount of reassurance will decrease their anxiety. Imagine a bomb expert enters the room and walks up to the device, pulls out the wires, throws away the timer and rips open the packages to show they are filled with confetti.

The person’s whole paradigm just changed

What is the process for treating anxiety with ketamine?

At Klarisana, we recommend an initial series of six intramuscular ketamine sessions spaced out over two to four weeks to treat mental health conditions. Each intramuscular session is about one hour long. During the Induction Series, patients are treated in a private room with careful monitoring and a personalized dosing plan. Additionally as described above, we encourage patients to start a practice of positive affirmations to help remodel their subconscious mind in conjunction with the ketamine treatment.

We progressively increase the dose of ketamine over the course of the Induction Series sessions to help the patient enter a powerful transpersonal and mystical space known as the Psychotropic Therapeutic Response. The Induction Series is a very dynamic process because who you are in terms of how you see yourself and your relationship with the world changes between each session. 

After the Induction Series patients can engage in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with one of our licensed therapists. In these sessions patients receive a lower dose of ketamine and then work with a therapist in an ego-disrupted state to process issues. The ego-disruption of the ketamine can make the therapy sessions much more productive than just traditional psychotherapy.

Ketamine treatment for anxiety near me

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Ketamine infusion redefines anxiety treatment

At Klarisana, we embrace the idea of breaking the cycle of severe anxiety with ketamine therapy, whose reduced risk of side effects and addiction allows patients to get rid of long-term anxiety symptomology and enjoy a long-awaited emotional and physical well-being.

Behavioral health services for severe anxiety

In case you don’t feel ready to incorporate ketamine into your treatment approach yet, Klarisana works with a wide range of national insurance providers to make behavioral health services a more accessible and viable option for your mental health care journey.

Case studies

Hi! I’m Trevor

Ketamine treatment allowed me to take a step back from all the things that were ailing me, witness them more without reacting, and not identify with them as much.
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Hi there! I’m Harper

I found a way to let go. My puzzle pieces were starting to fit and make sense. Life is actually beginning to be different for me, it is becoming fun.
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Hi there! I’m Emily

My experience with ketamine has given me another lens to look through when I’m going through challenging times.
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Hi there! I’m Liam

Ketamine therapy is like going into a hyper dream state where I have access to the smallest particles of my own mind. Going through this process helped me become the person I was meant to be.
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