Values and Mission

We provide ketamine therapy for patients from diverse backgrounds with a caring, nonjudgemental approach.
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Our mission

Klarisana’s mission is to help patients reframe their perspective to achieve their unique purpose in life. This mission is centered on the belief and moral duty to bring psychedelic therapy closer to anyone in need by making these treatments accessible and affordable.

Demystifying perceptions surrounding the scientific efficacy and legitimacy of psychedelic medicine in treating mental disorders is also a substantial driving force of our mission. By publishing and sharing research-related studies and unbiased, science-based information, we hope to make an essential contribution to fostering dialogue and informing the general public about the impact and benefits of psychedelics on the treatment of mental illnesses, namely severe depression, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Our values:


Everything starts with compassion

Being available to listen with attention and respect in order to better understand what the patient is going through is a crucial step for our team and a foundational one for the patient to feel heard and supported.

We feel lucky to have such a dedicated and empathetic team working with us. A team capable of understanding the complex intricacies of treatment-resistant mental health conditions and, at the same time, having the human qualities necessary to put themselves in other people’s shoes and give all its support to help people persevere and break through psychological chaos.

Reliability is the essence of long-lasting relationships

The quality of our service and the healing experience of ketamine psychotherapy can only succeed if the relationship between our patients and ourselves is built on trust and honesty. Being totally transparent with our patients from the get-go plays a major role in what we do.

We are on the positive end of ambition

Over the years, we have acquired considerable experience and knowledge of ketamine’s therapeutic effects on the human brain.

As we continue to increase our investment in scientific research, we intend to continue to make efforts to deepen our levels of expertise and ultimately multiply our presence across the country to reach as many people in need of mental health assistance as possible.

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Frequently asked questions
Does Klarisana provide primary mental health services?

Klarisana patients are welcome to continue to see our Licensed Mental Health providers for therapy outside of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. However, Klarisana does not manage medications nor do we prescribe them for our patients. We are a healthcare organization that works very hard to perfect the art of administering ketamine for mental health conditions and chronic pain, as well as providing quality mental health care access.

Although in certain locations we do provide mental health services outside of ketamine therapy, we still work closely with psychiatrists and psychologists in our communities to partner with them to offer a valuable treatment option to their patients. Patients without a psychiatrist or psychologist can still access our mental health providers.

The environment in which ketamine is administered and the experience that a patient has is absolutely vital to increasing a patient’s chance of success. This is not the kind of therapy that lends itself to just being an “add-on” revenue stream for a clinic that has an “extra office.” We do it right and we do it effectively. We feel that the role of the psychiatrist in a patient’s care is vital but there is nothing to be gained from having them present during the actual session. Far from trying to replace or compete with local psychiatrists, we strive to be an effective resource that they can have at their disposal to treat their patients.

Do I need a referral to be seen at Klarisana?

Patients eighteen years of age and older do not require a referral. Prospective patients will be evaluated by one of our Advanced Practice Providers who will determine whether any further clarification is required. Subsequently, patients will often have a psychological screening completed by one of our Licensed Behavioral Health professionals. For patients younger than 18 years of age, we do require communication with, and approval of, the patient’s primary care provider.

How did you come up with the idea that the experiential aspect of ketamine is an important part of the therapy?

We were heavily influenced by the work of Dr. Phil Wolfson and Dr. Terry Early. These gentlemen are psychiatrists who have been working clinically with ketamine for a very long time and are real pioneers in the field of outpatient ketamine therapy.

Can ketamine therapy be a frightening experience?

Generally not. Ketamine definitely elicits changes in the perception of sights, sounds, time, and space. We find that carefully explaining what to expect ahead of time alleviates most of the anxiety that might otherwise occur. Also, creating a private, safe and comfortable space helps alleviate any anxiety about the experience.

Klarisana staff is always available to join the patient in the event that they feel more comfortable with the presential guidance of an experienced staff member. The vast majority of our patients report that it is a very positive, relaxing and enlightening experience.

Does Klarisana offer training programs for other clinicians who want to open ketamine centers?

No, we don't. We focus on providing outstanding clinical care. We view ketamine as an incredibly valuable treatment option that should be performed at centers that are very serious about its use and have a mission to serve Humanity.