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I had been going through a really rough time after the passing of my father last year. Anxieties had flared up and the worst depression I had experienced in my life had really set in. A lot of dust got kicked up from my father’s death and I just felt like I needed help, so I reached out to one of my best friends who had faced similar challenges and he put me onto ketamine treatment. The treatment itself was a total godsend and the staff at the clinic were very, very gentle and helpful, held space for me, and felt like family by the end of my treatments there.

Emotions had been building up in me for a while and my father’s transition just exacerbated a lot of things. 

Ketamine treatment allowed me to take a step back from all the things that were ailing me, witness them more without reacting, and not identify with them as much. Even that tiny bit of separation allowed me some breathing room and the ability to shift perspective. With that, I could take steps to build better routines and begin shifting some of the self-talk. Ultimately, contributing to behaviors that would help get me out of the funk I had been in and make some shifts for the better. I’m so, so grateful.”

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Case studies
Hello! I'm Liam
Ketamine therapy is like going into a hyper dream state where I have access to the smallest particles of my own mind. Going through this process helped me become the person I was meant to be.
Hello! I'm Harper
I found a way to let go. My puzzle pieces were starting to fit and make sense. Life is actually beginning to be different for me, it is becoming fun.
Hi! I'm Emily
My experience with ketamine has given me another lens to look through when I’m going through challenging times.