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Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy has helped me feel good about myself and overcome many emotional issues and negative self-perceptions. I’ve struggled most of my adult life with addiction and depression. Ketamine makes this manageable. Klarisana is an organization in which I have immense confidence to deliver this amazing service! I’ve been there 13 times over the past couple of years and I’ve never had a bad treatment.

During my initial induction series is when I noticed the most dramatic change. My mode of thinking switched from linear to more holistic. I was able to see not just one solution to a problem but several! I was able to focus more diligently than I previously had. Not to mention, my general anxiety was lower than it had been in years, I had more energy, and most importantly, I felt good! Now that I can feel good, it is much easier to do good.

Since the treatments, I’ve made strides in my career, realizing a lifelong goal of becoming a software engineer. That promotion was due I think somewhat to being able to think better. But even more important was my ego being taken down a couple of pegs. This is a natural phenomenon of all psychedelia. It has helped me to empathize more with others, I get along better with my family and friends too. Now I try to get a booster right around every six weeks. If I go longer, I notice.

A question I get often from people when I tell them ketamine helps with my mental health issues is, “what’s it like?”. The best explanation I have is it’s like going into a hyper dream state where I have access to the smallest particles of my own mind. Through this process adjustments to my mental circuitry are made that help me become the person I was meant to be, i.e. the higher self. I love going to Klarisana.

The staff there is friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. Earlier on in my experiences with ketamine, it was common for me to have a bit of a “freak out” at the apex of the treatment. The nurse practitioner Holly whose care I was under correctly identified my problem and was able to make adjustments to my ancillary meds and I have had peaceful journeys ever since. By the way, I wouldn’t worry too much about the “freakouts”. I went through those a few times but still came out feeling better than when I came in!

There are ketamine clinics closer to where I live, but I choose Klarisana for the staff, the facilities are very nice and comfy and set up for psychedelic sessions (setting and environment are so important for a good session!), and also—they offer intramuscular injection. Every other place I’ve researched delivers ketamine via an intravenous drip, which I find personally to be invasive.

This is actually pretty huge for me as I’m going semi-frequently. Last but not least, ketamine is but one facet of my self-care. It has had dramatic results in my case, but I believe that is due to the synergy between counseling, meditation, embodiment practice (yoga, qi gong, tai chi), and more. If you’re trying some or all of the above and feeling “stuck” then, perhaps, Klarisana can help unstick you too!

My advice would be to keep two things in mind: always remember the goal is for you to feel better, it’s OK to want to feel good even if you feel like you “don’t deserve it”; and believe you are the programmer of your own destiny at all times!

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