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“I was 7 when my PTSD began. I am 41 today. It’s been 36 years of being scared. When I came to Klarisana it was a “Hail Mary” move, I was desperate to find something that would work. I had been to doctors, tried different medications, and applied plenty of different methodologies to life, but frustratingly nothing worked. I was traumatized and there was nothing anyone could do about it. So, I came here.

Before Klarisana, my life had become unmanageable. I had 10 to 15 flashbacks a day, my body constantly felt like I was under siege, and I lived there for my entire life, so I knew no better. I was someone who overreacted and panicked constantly. I was overwhelmed, sore stressed, and tired no matter what.

So, I started the ketamine treatments. It helped bring up the things I needed to say, and the staff helped me to process them. It was almost talk therapy while under the influence and it was definitely helpful. I found a way to let go. My puzzle pieces were starting to fit and make sense. Life is actually beginning to be different for me, it is becoming fun.

Life can still come and knock you down, you still have emotions and are your normal self. It’s just a part of you can handle it now. I don’t fully understand what is happening every time I go for my infusions, but I know it is saving me. Every time I go, I come back better. I am a gentler, more patient mother, a calmer, more loving wife, and a more relaxed version of myself.

So, to the person out there stuck in their cycle of trauma reading this, I hope you find your way in. There is life on the other side. I just know before this place I was hurting all the time and now I am not. This treatment and these people changed my life to where I am actually living. Not surviving but living, like my gut-relaxed-and-my-face-to-the-sun living. My brain is now not constantly trying to put my puzzle together. It is whole now and it makes sense so I can move on.”

The names, photos, and voices of our patients have been changed to safeguard their privacy.

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Case studies
Hello! I'm Trevor

Ketamine treatment allowed me to take a step back from all the things that were ailing me, witness them more without reacting, and not identify with them as much.

Hello! I'm Liam
Ketamine therapy is like going into a hyper dream state where I have access to the smallest particles of my own mind. Going through this process helped me become the person I was meant to be.
Hi! I'm Emily
My experience with ketamine has given me another lens to look through when I’m going through challenging times.