Christine A.

… I have experienced relief with ketamine on a level that prescription medication has never given me.

Toni M.

Klarisana has helped me see life in a new light. My anxiety, depression, and PTSD scores dropped significantly after completing my 6 treatment sessions.

Lura I.

Great experience and great company. I’m so glad that this treatment is available for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression or PTSD. I went in and I was struggling with making a painful decision in my life and letting go of a painful relationship and these treatments helped me feel strong enough to make that decision and […]

Jonathan W.

… With an open mind, I went in for my first treatment, after almost 30 years of dealing with the most PTSD, depressed, and anxious feelings that you could ever imagine I was taken to a place outside of the realm of reality, and for once felt like the chains of mental health were broken.

Marc W.

… The Ketamine series itself saved my life. After my series, I am at a good base level. I have not actually thought about hurting myself since before I started my series. I am much more calmand composed. I am still dealing with my numbness through therapy but I no longer feel on edge all […]

Ed G.

I wanted to convey my gratitude for the Klarisana staff’s patience, friendliness, sympathy and professionalism. Klarisana’s patients often face significant mental- and emotional challenges, and the positive, welcoming attitude of the staff can make a huge difference in “set and setting”—crucial elements of the psychotropic experience. Chelsea, Holly, Sean and Brett do an excellent job of preparation and guidance, […]