Does Ketamine Therapy Get You High?

Ketamine therapy is becoming an increasingly common treatment option for those suffering from mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Ketamine, which was originally developed as an anesthetic, is now being used in low doses to treat these conditions. However, one question that many people have is whether or not ketamine therapy gets […]

Oral ketamine treatment for cancer – oral prescription

Cancer treatment is a gruelling, life-changing process that leaves many in pain and discomfort. While cancer treatment may provide life-saving results, it may leave you with indescribable pain and discomfort with few options for relief, leaving many people undergoing treatment to just “work through it.” In recent years, ketamine has grown popular due to studies […]

The Difference Between Chronic and Acute Pain

Pain can take on many forms in the human body, and at times drawing the line between acute and chronic pain can be difficult to diagnose — even for medical professionals. In this article, you will learn the following: When patients go to the doctor with a complaint of acute pain, the condition may be […]

Texas Medical Cannabis Bill 2017

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join Texas State Senator, Jose Menendez, at the Texas Capitol for the announcement of his bill which would allow patients in Texas to obtain medical cannabis. This is very exciting to see a more robust dialogue in this country about breaking our paradigms about what constitutes safe and effective […]