Oral ketamine treatment for cancer – oral prescription

September 7, 2022

Cancer treatment is a gruelling, life-changing process that leaves many in pain and discomfort. While cancer treatment may provide life-saving results, it may leave you with indescribable pain and discomfort with few options for relief, leaving many people undergoing treatment to just “work through it.”

In recent years, ketamine has grown popular due to studies showing that it can provide pain relief during cancer treatment. While effectively addressing neuropathic pain caused by chemotherapy and other conditions, ketamine may also produce euphoria and relaxation.

At Klarisana, our doctors prescribe ketamine treatment to provide effective relief from pain caused by chemotherapy during cancer treatment. Our clinic offers a unique experience where you can get treated by experienced professionals.

Ketamine for pain management in cancer patients

Pain can take many forms in your body during cancer treatment; hence differentiating between chronic and acute pain can be challenging to diagnose and treat. If you have tried various treatments for pain and have had little to no success, ketamine therapy, and treatments might be the solution you have been searching for.

For decades, ketamine has been used as an anesthetic during surgery. Recently, doctors have been using it to treat and manage chronic pain, especially among cancer patients. It addresses pain by fighting against specific chemical receptors in the nervous system, thus modulating pain. Ketamine works in several simultaneous ways to ease your pain through its anesthetic properties, change the way you think, and improve your mood, eliminating hopelessness.

You also have to be careful after a ketamine treatment since it is psychedelic and may produce psychedelic effects that might give you unique emotions, insights, and experiences after a treatment session. These effects include:

  • Timelessness – You often experience timelessness such that what you are undergoing takes place outside of time.
  • Ineffability – A classic psychedelic effect where it is difficult or impossible to express what you are feeling or experiencing in words.
  • Ego dissolution – It entails a reduction in self-referential awareness, distorting your self-world boundaries.

Basic science evidence of ketamine efficacy for chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain

Chemotherapy is an integral part of cancer treatment that helps eradicate cancer cells. It is essential, but it comes with a long list of side effects like unbearable pain in your body. Ketamine is believed to help treat induced neuropathic pain by blocking the NMDA receptor and binding to opioid receptors.

Some researchers use animal models to determine the potential usefulness of ketamine in helping cancer patients with induced neuropathic pain. For example, a Korean Journal of Anesthesiology study found that ketamine relieves pain in mechanical allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia rats. The research shows no difference in how both genders responded to the induced neuropathic pain. However, male rats needed a higher dose of 5mg/kg to increase their mechanical threshold.

Clinical evidence of ketamine efficacy for neuropathic pain from cancer treatment

Healthcare providers primarily use ketamine as dissociative anesthetics and analgesics to curb acute pain in cancer patients. Concrete evidence shows that after ketamine was administered, many patients experienced reduced pain intensity, improved and reduced pain scores, and more favorable responses to ketamine. In light of the above, ketamine is effective and safe for people suffering from refractory cancer pain.

Oral ketamine for chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain

Oral ketamine prescriptions are highly recommended for effective pain treatment, particularly chronic neuropathic pain during chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Oral ketamine prescriptions can be administered without immediate healthcare provider supervision, making them suitable for managing long-term pain conditions.

Ketamine treatment options in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas

Having pain from cancer treatment does not mean you must accept living with it forever. On the contrary, at Klarisana, your health and comfort are our top priorities. We make it our mission to help you regain your full functionality to achieve your purpose and goals in life.

Our highly trained team strives to offer you the best, most efficient, and safest oral ketamine treatment for cancer patients. We also maintain affordable rates for ketamine treatment and accept many major insurance carriers in all our centers in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Contact us for more information on how we administer our oral ketamine treatment for patients with cancer.

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