I had been receiving Spravato/esketamine treatment for a few years before I moved to Colorado

and was able to access ketamine IMs through Klarisana. I was nervous about the difference, so I started with KAP sessions so that I would have someone with me in case I got scared during this new experience. My KAP therapist always met me where I was at throughout the session, and normalized/validated what I was going through. I continue to see her for integration therapy, and having her feedback helps me see the improvements I’ve made.

I was surprised to find that, despite my previous experience with Spravato and starting slow with KAP sessions, my body still got so scared before sessions. Rationally, I knew they always went smoothly, I didn’t get sick, and nothing scary happened, quite the opposite, but I couldn’t get the message through to my nervous system. The Klarisana staff were all very supportive and understanding of my anxiety, and helped create a relaxed, safe atmosphere for each session. I still get some pre-injection jitters, but I’m able to carry that felt sense of being comfortable and supported created by the staff into the session.

I’ve struggled with lifelong depression since childhood, and I am grateful and proud to report that my depression has been in remission September 2023. Ketamine is advertised as treatment for “treatment resistant” depression, but I think the other treatments were just the wrong approach. That’s clear to me because my mental health didn’t resist the right approach, and I wish I’d had access to this medication years ago.