I wanted to share my experience, but before I tell you about how Ketamine and more specifically Klarisana changed my life, I need to share my story. I am a deputy sheriff with
several patrol years of experience.

During that experience, I have held dead infants in my hands, been to a school shooting, had people shoot themselves in front of me, and had someone slit their throat in front of me. I have been involved in two officer involved shootings and was later diagnosed with PTSD.

I have been to countless calls that chipped away at my sanity and inner peace. The OIS(s) and my time on patrol left me hyperviligiant, numb, disconnected from my emotions, agitated, on edge, and anxious. To add onto it, my wife had an affair right after my first OIS which absolutely destroyed me.

I was absolutely devastated and left suicidal without a clear way out of my problems. I met with counselors and therapists and one pyschiatrist who honestly saved my life. I started medication which brought me to a base level and then was recommened to start Ketamine therapy with Klarisana. Being a deputy and concerned about how my brothers would view me, I was nervous to start.

The staff at Klarisana sat with me during my first appointment and answered all my questions before my first injection. They calmed me and did what they could to make me feel comfortable. The staff were awesome. The Ketamine series itself saved my life. After my series, I am at a good base level. I have not actually thought about hurting myself since before I started my series. I am much more calm and composed.

I am still dealing with my numbness through therapy but I no longer feel on edge all the time. I am much more relaxed and no longer hyperviligaint. I am looking at
possibly getting off my medicaiton.

I cannot say enough about Klarisana or about Ketamine therapy. I am so glad that I pushed through my feelings and started with Klarisana. If you are on the fence, take it from me that Ketamine therapy is worth your time and Klarisana is where you want to receive that treatment.