My story is definitely not typical, at the age of 15 I was heavily involved in gangs, and from
1996 to 1998 witnessed more violent deaths of friends in person than any person should ever have to go through. I spent the next decade being shuffled from doctor to doctor Facility to facility intake, outtake, behavioral health facilities, etc. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORKED FOR ME!!

Then by chance I came across Klarisana ketamine treatment. With an open mind, I went in
for my first treatment, after almost 30 years of dealing with the most PTSD, depressed, and
anxious feelings that you could ever imagine I was taken to a place outside of the realm of
reality, and for once felt like the chains of mental health were broken. My experience took me through all of my pain and experiences and elevated me to a higher state of consciousness and opened up my mind to actual mental health help! This is not your conventional way of treating mental health, although in my mind, it is 100% the most effective way for Certain peoples conditions.

Now this might not be the same for everybody but for me personally, I have never
felt free from my own mind until after I did the ketamine treatment. My only advice to anybody going through hard times that has done conventional mental health treatment with no success is open your mind to an alternative way to help yourself by ketamine treatment