Ketamine treatment center in Austin, TX update

January 9, 2017

We have had a great response to the opening of our Austin, Texas center! If you or a loved one in the Austin area suffers from severe depression, PTSD, anxiety, or various forms of chronic pain please contact us so that we can set up a consultation.

Klarisana is the first ketamine treatment center in Austin, Texas which was created from the ground up with the express purpose of providing infusion therapy in the best possible environment to facilitate healing. We work closely with your psychiatrist and/or primary care provider to come up with a customized and effective treatment plan for you. At Klarisana, ketamine therapy is not just some “add-on” service, it is our mission and the reason we exist. We know that you have a choice in ketamine providers. As you look at different options for receiving ketamine therapy we would suggest that there are four points to carefully consider when you ask any center about their infusion program.

Will I receive an infusion in my own private room?

Many centers infuse several people in the same room so that they can cut costs. Ketamine infusions are an intensely personal experience. To be surrounded by complete strangers each having their own experience can be very counterproductive.

Will I have one staff member assigned to me alone during my experience?

A ketamine infusion is a very powerful and sometimes emotional experience. Having an experienced staff member(assigned only to you) to guide you through the infusion can make the difference between a potentially scary experience and an amazing therapeutic experience. Keep in mind that being in a room by yourself with someone watching you on a video camera from another room does not substitute for having a staff member physically present with you and able to hold your hand if necessary; that “George Orwell” experience is also counterproductive.

Will my dose be just set at the “standard” NIH protocol which is unvalidated or will it be changed in a dynamic fashion?

We believe that the ideal dose is VERY individualized and requires a fair amount of effort on the part of the clinician treating you. We feel it is important to have a Psychotropic Therapeutic Response (PTR) where a true paradigm shift in a patient’s thought patterns can be achieved. For some people, this is 50mg over an hour, and for others, it is 200mg over an hour. It takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the clinic staff to fine-tune the dosing strategy for each patient. Some centers cut costs by having a standard “one size fits all” protocol such as everybody getting 0.5 mg/kg of ketamine over forty minutes for a total of six infusions. We find that this assembly line model is too simplistic and counterproductive when we are talking about achieving a true therapeutic response.

Does the center offer the possibility to receive facilitated psychotherapy whereby a therapist works with you while you are receiving ketamine?

This can be a powerful modality to allow the therapist to explore elements of the subject’s mind which would not be accessible while not on ketamine.

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