Is Ketamine for Horses?

April 18, 2024

Alright, let’s talk about Ketamine. And yes, somehow, horses always manage to trot into the conversation whenever Ketamine is mentioned. It’s like they have a VIP spot in the Ketamine discussion club. But seriously, how did we end up associating Ketamine more with sedating horses than its role in saving human (and animal) lives for the past 50 years?

Since the 1970s, Ketamine has been playing a crucial role in modern medicine, serving as an injectable, short-acting anesthetic for both humans AND animals. It’s widely employed in veterinary medicine, emergency rooms, and it has also found newer applications in mental health and chronic pain management.  Over the years, Ketamine has gathered quite the repertoire of approved and “off-label” uses, including but not limited to:

  • Short-Acting Anesthesia for kids, adults, and yes, our furry friends
  • Pain Management
  • Oncology Pain Management 
  • Mental Health Management 
  • Emergency and Combat Medicine

So, when someone asks, “Is Ketamine a horse tranquilizer?” The answer is YES. And here’s why that’s fantastic news if you’re considering Ketamine treatment.

It means this stuff is tried and tested.The benefits of ketamine for both people and animals have been documented for decades. Whether it’s keeping tiny humans or massive horses pain-free during procedures, Ketamine knows how to do its job without hitting the pause button on breathing, which is one of the unique properties as an atypical anesthetic and why it is an ideal choice with regards to patient safety.

Picture the difference in doses needed to sedate a kid versus a horse—it’s like comparing a hill to a mountain.  From knock-you-out-anesthetic doses to feel-good therapeutic doses, Ketamine affects your brain in different ways. With anesthetic doses, you’re not remembering much besides counting sheep. While therapeutic doses lean towards the lower end , the experience is akin to embarking on a euphoric, surreal journey, which some described as experiencing “ego-death.” Despite operating on the lower end of the dosage scale, Ketamine Therapy remains profoundly transformative and impactful.

Ketamine Therapy works as a double whammy—it’s both a biochemical wonder and a mind-bending experience. Biochemically, Ketamine works with your NMDA receptors, rewiring your neural pathways like a pro. Think of it as a fresh coat of paint on your brain’s walls, paving the way for new ideas and perspectives.

Then there’s the experiential side—a dream-like journey where you hit pause on reality to explore new dimensions of yourself. It’s like stepping into an alternate universe where you’re both the hero and the narrator of your own story.

So yeah, when it comes to Ketamine, horses might be the unofficial mascots, but the real magic happens when humans take the reins and explore the transformative power of this fascinating medicine.

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