Rebuilding Lives

with Ketamine

Klarisana has pioneered the use of ketamine therapy to treat mental health and chronic pain conditions since 2015.

“Nothing prepared me for the profound experiences and shifts that each infusion

Bruce B

“I had absolutely life-changing shift that allowed me to see my pain, childhood trauma,
and addiction in a different way. As crazy as it sounds, I actually discovered my
purpose in life throughout the process and my depression went completely away.”

Darryl S

“After my first session, I woke up, and for the first time, I did not have anxiety in the
morning. I slowly started self-reflecting on habits that were affecting my mental and
physical health. I now have the motivation to do things and am actively changing
myself for the better. I feel like an actual person again. I can finally live my life!”

Heather H

“I have had chronic pain which was so bad I could barely walk most days. I had severe
nerve damage in my leg and depression/anxiety. After this treatment, I now have no
pain in my hips, only minor pain in my back, and absolutely no nerve pain. I am back to
my easy-going, cheerful self that I haven't been in years!”

Emily G

“As a Paramedic for the past 24 years, I was diagnosed with several types of mental
illnesses a little over a year ago, including depression and nightly anxiety. I completed
my round of six treatments and it has been a total life changer. I can't say enough
about how these treatments have changed my quality of life.”

Keven R

“Everyone noticed a positive shift. I am more productive and entirely more present. I
am happy when I do daily tasks now, it’s a huge difference from before!”


“I am a 38 yr, Male, C-PTSD, Combat PTSD, crippling depression, anxiety,
addiction(s)...because of the ketamine therapy at Klarisana, I am now a better dad, my
kids seem happier, they give more smiles/hugs/laughter. I’m finally taking my marriage
seriously and working to be a deserving husband.”

Tony A

“By the sixth treatment, our entire lives had changed. Our daughter could cope with the
ups and downs of everyday life and become more resilient.”

Tina R

“Ketamine therapy has allowed me to react more act more confidently and
freely in pursuing fulfillment, including relationships, work, vacations, and family

Wes Y

“Klarisana helped me to find courage and strength.. helped me work to break down
past trauma...It showed me the light and helped me heal from some very deep wounds.”


“This method has completely changed my perspective. Walking, listening, experiencing
the world again!”

Krispin H

Ketamine Therapy: A New Hope for the Future

Klarisana provides IM ketamine therapy (Ketamine for Non-Anesthetic Indications (KNAI) at our centers in Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Ketamine is an FDA approved medication that has been safely used for decades, and it is now emerging as a highly effective treatment for a diverse range of challenging conditions such as:

Our expert team creates tailored therapy plans that combine intra-muscular ketamine therapy with psychotherapy and other medical treatments to help you rediscover the full life you may have thought forever lost.

Severe Depression

Ketamine is proven to break the cycle of treatment-resistant depression in over 70% of patients


Ketamine can reframe the cognitive paradigm of those who suffer with post-traumatic stress.


Many patients find that the dissociative experience of ketamine can disrupt the false narrative of anxiety.

Chronic Pain

Ketamine can derail the disruptive feedback loop of chronic pain and Central Sensitization

While traditional treatments only “turn down the volume…”

Ketamine "changes the channel"

We believe that depression and PTSD lock people into a feedback loop of dark and negative thoughts. This is like being forced to listen to a radio station that you hate. The goal should not be to just turn down the volume of that station…it should be to “change the channel.”

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Discover Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Look Inside

Ketamine therapy has revolutionized the treatment of mental health conditions but that is only one part of a comprehensive treatment strategy. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy creates a powerful synergy

Targeted Receptor Therapy Can Derail Chronic Pain

Look Inside

We use intramuscular ketamine therapy to help attack pain syndromes at
multiple receptors and break the cycle of Central Sensitization

Accepting Insurance and Providing Affordable Rates

Because we are so confident that ketamine treatment can be a life-changing solution for so many people suffering from treatment-resistant mental health conditions and chronic pain, it has always been essential to making it as accessible as possible.

As a result, we maintain the best rates for ketamine treatment in our region and accept many major insurance carriers.

A Safe Experienced Guided by a Compassionate Team

Our patients’ health and comfort is a top priority for the Klarisana team, which is why we conduct all IM ketamine therapy according to the highest standard of safety. You will be closely monitored throughout the therapy, giving you the peace of mind that all steps have been taken to maximize both efficacy and safety.

Because your mental health is also crucial to successful ketamine treatments, the majority of our centers have on-site therapists to support you every step of the way.

A Leading Provider of Ketamine Therapy in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado

Since our inception, Klarisana has strived to serve as an example of excellence in our field. Our founding clinic was the first of its kind in southern Texas and one of just a handful of dedicated ketamine treatment centers in America. As pioneers in ketamine treatment/therapy, we have had the honor of being at the forefront of a movement that is transforming treatment for PTSD, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Suppose you are considering ketamine therapy as a path to a happier, healthier life. In that case, it is vital that you feel confident in your decision to entrust your future to a compassionate and experienced provider. Klarisana has spent years perfecting our methodology, safely and successfully facilitating thousands of treatments and helping our patients take back their lives.

If you’re prepared to discover the transformative power of ketamine therapy, we welcome you to contact our team to begin the learning process today.

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