Zackary A. Tedder discusses esketamine on CBS Austin

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Zachary was interviewed by CBS Austin’s Melanie Barden and discussed ketamine infusion therapy as it relates to the new patented drug esketamine. One of the main talking points that the developers of esketamine are quick to highlight is that they have done everything they can to eliminate all the nasty “side effects” of ketamine…namely the alterations in perception and the transpersonal experience that patients have when they receive an infusion of ketamine. In our view, however, these “side effects” are not side effects at all…they are a fundamental part of the treatment. Zachary points out in this interview that the experiential aspect of ketamine can help to dissolve the ego and destroy the false narrative that many patients with depression, anxiety, and PTSD experience. Our treatment philosophy is the exact opposite of that of the makers of esketamine. While we feel that the biochemical effect is important, we opt for much higher doses of ketamine in order to create an intense transpersonal and transformational experience. We have found that the transformational aspect of ketamine therapy is especially critical for patients who have suffered intense psychological trauma. This is something that just can’t be achieved with low dose nasal spray.

Zachary Tedder discusses esketamine for depression on CBS Austin

Carl Bonnett

Carl Bonnett

Dr. Carl J. Bonnett is the founder and Medical Director of Klarisana.

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