Ketamine for Severe Anxiety in Austin, TX

How Klarisana Can Help With Severe Anxiety in Austin, TX?

Anxiety just doesn’t make sense. As many who suffer from it would agree, from a purely logical standpoint it is quite irrational. Most of the ”threats” in one’s life really don’t justify the response that patients with severe anxiety experience. Getting rid of that destructive cycle of anxiety however is easier said than done. As with PTSD, we feel that if you have severe anxiety, you are locked into a cycle where it is like being forced to listen to a radio station that you hate. Medications such as Xanax and Seroquel can “turn down the volume” by sedating you but you are still ”tuned into the wrong channel.” The experiential and transformative experience of ketamine doesn’t just turn down the volume…it “changes the channel.”

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Will Ketamine Make Me Anxious?

Most likely not. The set and the setting for receiving ketamine therapy for anxiety are vitally important. A part of this is making sure that you understand our philosophy of treatment and why we do what we do. We leverage the “psychedelic” aspect of ketamine in a safe and controlled way. The vast majority of our patients with severe anxiety report that ketamine washes away their anxiety. We feel that this is related to the concept of ego disillusion. Your ego is a liar that creates a false narrative. It is what fills you with limiting beliefs and forces you to worry about things that are really not worth worrying about. Many of our patients report that they can disconnect from themselves and many reports having a sense of being able to see themselves from the perspective of an outside observer. One of our patients said it very well when he reported,” you know I just can’t remember what I was anxious about.”

Will you give me some Valium?

We feel that one of the fundamental ways that ketamine treats anxiety is to help reset a patient’s mental paradigm. We try to maximize the mystical and transpersonal experience in order to effectively reset a patient’s paradigm. Benzodiazepines (e.g. Valium, Ativan, Xanax) elicit a powerful amnestic response…meaning you can’t remember the powerful experience that we worked hard to achieve. Some of our competitors use large doses of benzodiazepines to make sure patients do not experience any “side effects.” We feel that they have a fundamental misunderstanding of how ketamine works in this arena. If you see other clinics offering special “proprietary formulations” with cute trademarked names what they are usually doing is adding a large dose of benzodiazepines, so you won’t remember the experience.

Ketamine Therapy in Austin, TX for Severe Anxiety

At Klarisana in Austin, TX, we recommend an initial series of six ketamine sessions spaced out over two to four weeks to treat the mental health conditions. Each session is about one hour long and patients receive treatment in a private room. A Klarisana staff member monitors the patient throughout the entire experience. We progressively increase the dose of ketamine over the course of the Induction Series to help patients enter a powerful transpersonal and mystical space that we call the Psychotropic Therapeutic Response. The Induction Series is a very dynamic process because who you are in terms of how you see yourself and your relationship to the world changes between each session. This is a very disruptive concept in western medicine because the space in which we are operating synthesizes evidence-based pharmacologic treatment with a shamanistic element of guiding our patients through a profound mystical experience. We increase our doses safely but aggressively to maximize this experience. Unlike some of our competitors, we try to avoid using any benzodiazepines (Valium, etc.) that would cause our patients to not remember this transformative experience.

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Our Patient Testimonials

I am so thankful to have found Klarisana. I have been battling severe anxiety and depression for almost 16 years. I have tried so many different prescription medications to get my mental health under control and nothing ever seemed to work for me. I would have such severe side effects and I was more numb emotionally than actually happy. I was honestly skeptical at first if ketamine treatments would actually work, but after years of nothing helping I was emotionally drained and decided to give it a shot. The day after my first session I woke up and my anxiety had practically disappeared. I had become so accustomed to feeling anxious constantly that I forgot what if felt like to not be in state of panic at all times. After every session I received I slowly started self reflecting on habits that were affecting my mental and physical health. I now have motivation to do things and am actively changing myself for the better. I feel like an actual person again and like I can live my life. If you are struggling like I was I highly suggest Klarisana. The providers are all wonderful. They truly care about their patients and want them to finally feel better.

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