Could ketamine

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What is Ketamine Therapy

A whole different paradigm in treatment

At Klarisana we offer ketamine IM treatments as part of what is known as Ketamine for Non-Anesthetic Indications (KNAI). This is a fundamentally different use of safe and time-tested medication. Ketamine IM treatments, especially when coupled with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, represent a totally different and disruptive paradigm for the treatment of mental health conditions. When used in the context of Targeted Receptor Therapy along with medications such as lidocaine and magnesium, ketamine can be effective at breaking the cycle of many forms of chronic pain as well.

What To Expect

When you contact Klarisana, either Jessica, our Patient Care Manager, or someone from our Care Coordination Team will reach out to you so that you can learn more about Klarisana. If you are interested in becoming a patient at Klarisana we will give you the link to our online patient intake paperwork, consent forms, and instructions. If are seeing us for a mental health condition, then we will set up an intake with one of our Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) or Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW). If you have been referred to us directly by a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist, this step may be omitted. IM treatments at Klarisana take place in private rooms with one-to-one staff observation. Unlike many other centers, we do not leave you in the room by yourself.


Published studies demonstrate that Ketamine Therapy can be very effective for the treatment of mental health conditions including severe depression and PTSD as well as many forms of chronic pain. Many studies have shown greater than 70% success rate in patients with treatment resistant depression. Chronic pain is a much more heterogeneous group of conditions so it is a little more challenging to generalize. That being said, in our experience providing ketamine therapy since 2015 we have seen response rates over 70% in our chronic pain patients as well.


Klarisana is committed to the safety of our patients and we can confidently say that we set the standard for outpatient ketamine therapy. Klarisana has performed over 3000 IM treatments without any significant adverse events. We utilize continuous cardiac and oxygen monitoring. We also implement the principles of Crew Resource Management which are safety practices that many in healthcare have adopted from the aviation industry. See our FAQ page for more details.

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