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Klarisana Pioneers Using Virtual Realty Assisted Ketamine Infusion Therapy

By January 28, 2019 No Comments

San Antonio, TX— KLARISANA is pioneering “Virtual Dissociative Remodeling” (VDR), the process of integrating ketamine infusion therapy with virtual reality-based guided meditations. Ketamine infusion therapy can produce a powerful transpersonal experience in patients through its “dissociative” properties. This allows for the temporary dissolution of the ego and the creation of a fertile mind state. Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Carl J. Bonnett, MD explained, “We feel that the experiential or ‘psychedelic’ effects of ketamine infusion therapy are not a side effect; but rather a vital part of how ketamine actually treats severe depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety and other mood disorders. We recognized very quickly that VR technology can complement this aspect of ketamine therapy in a very profound way.”

With VDR, patients are led on a journey through a peaceful virtual landscape with a carefully designed series of positive affirmations and inspirational quotes to help derail false narratives in the mind. With the ego temporarily dissolved, a patient’s subconscious thoughts may be remodeled so that his or her internal dialogue is transformed into a more positive autobiographical script. Self-destructive phrases like, I’m a failure and No one could love me, are replaced with an accurate view of the essential self. VDR enhances the experience of ketamine with the hopes of leading to a lasting perspective change and a transpersonal experience. Dr. Bonnett said, “The people we beta tested it on gave us some really, good positive feedback of how it’s working, and we plan to roll this out soon in the first quarter of 2019.”

Klarisana has been a leader in the use of ketamine infusion therapy since 2015, and now leads the way with Virtual Dissociative Remodeling with locations in San Antonio, Austin, Denver, CO and Carlsbad, New Mexico.





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