Healing with Ketamine Therapy in Westminster, CO

For individuals struggling with treatment-resistant mental health conditions and chronic pain, Klarisana is offering hope for a brighter future. As a trusted provider of ketamine treatment in Westminster, our office serves patients throughout the northeast regions of the Denver metro area, including the communities of Arvada, Broomfield, and Thornton.

Our Westminster ketamine clinic is a participant of our program, which utilizes the intramuscular (IM) protocol for administration of ketamine. As a result, we are able to make safe and effective ketamine treatments in Westminster more affordable and accessible than ever before.

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Klarisana – Ketamine Treatment Westminster

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Expanding access to IM ketamine treatment

Cost should never be a barrier to seeking safe and effective treatment for your mental health condition or chronic pain, which is why Klarisana has worked tirelessly to offer the most affordable ketamine therapies in Colorado and the industry at large.

Our Colorado ketamine clinic accepts a variety of major insurance providers and Health First Colorado (Colorado Medicaid). Additionally, we are in the process of partnering with the VA Mission Act/TriWest program.

Exemplary Care from the Industry’s Most Respected Ketamine Experts

Since our founding in 2015, Klarisana has been committed to representing the highest standard of excellence in our field. We are a founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians and have spent years perfecting our innovative approach to ketamine therapy. Experience, compassion, and a true belief in the power of ketamine therapy forms the foundation of our team’s principles, and we are dedicated to delivering the ultimate in personalized care for every patient.

Each member of the Klarisana Westminster team is an expert in the field, undergoing extensive training and education to ensure your safety and an excellent experience.

Challenging Boundaries with Innovative Ketamine Therapies in Westminster, CO

For far too long, so many people have suffered from the effects of limited treatment options and providers’ outdated approaches to mental health, chronic pain, and other life-altering conditions. At Klarisana, we’re determined to change the way the world thinks about treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. We’ve seen firsthand the incredible results that can be achieved with ketamine therapy and the lives that have been transformed right in our very own Westminster ketamine center.

When you begin treatment at Klarisana, you can be confident knowing that you are in capable and compassionate hands. All IM treatments are closely supervised and administered alongside cardiac/oxygen monitoring, making your safety and comfort the first priority.

Private rooms create a calming and serene space for you to undergo treatments, while our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always here to answer your questions or address concerns. Additionally, on-site therapists are available for patients that are interested in maximizing their results with counseling and further support.

Let Klarisana Help You Open the Door to Health and Happiness

Don’t wait any longer to pursue the balanced and fulfilled life you deserve – especially not when a safe and effective treatment option is waiting for you at Klarisana. At our Westminster clinic for ketamine therapy, you will receive the personalized care needed to progress towards your wellness goals. Together, we’ll walk a path towards the future that may have seemed out of reach until now.

For more information about ketamine therapy, as well as answers to your questions about whether it may be right for you, contact Klarisana today.

Severe Depression

Ketamine is proven to break the cycle of treatment-resistant depression in over 70% of patients


Ketamine can reframe the cognitive paradigm of those who suffer with post-traumatic stress


Many patients find that the dissociative experience of ketamine can disrupt the false narrative of anxiety

Chronic Pain

Ketamine can derail the disruptive feedback loop of chronic pain and Central Sensitization

Discover a New Path to Health and Happiness with Help from Klarisana

If you’re ready to reclaim your life and finally achieve your wellness goals, Klarisana is here to help you. Since our founding in 2015, we’ve helped countless patients transform their lives and unlock a new level of personal well-being.

Our ketamine clinic in Westminster represents a final attempt at wellness for so many when all other treatment options haven’t hit the mark. We truly believe that there is hope for everyone, even those who have suffered for years without relief – and that hope lies in our groundbreaking approach to ketamine therapy.

Learn how ketamine therapy in Westminster could be the first step towards freeing yourself from your personal health struggles by contacting Klarisana today.

Our Patient Testimonials

This place has changed my life. Jen is so kind. She takes the time to get to know her patients. I feel so safe when I'm there. I can't say enough good things about what healing work they do here.

Benjamin W.

I’ve lived with severe depression, anxiety, and ptsd for so long that I forgot what it was like to feel joy and became lost in a dark hole that I could not find my way out of and felt a constant sense of hopelessness and defeat. Ketamine therapy is giving me a clarity and ability to step back and view situations in my life in a positive and logical way. It is literally pushing away the heavy cloud which had filtered out my light for so long. The kindness and patience of the staff at Klarisana is simply amazing, especially Tony and Kayla. I have done three treatments so far and from the very first treatment I could feel their genuine concern and compassion and that has been so comforting to me. I am forever grateful to them. I hope and pray that everyone who is suffering will be able to go through this treatment.

Beth S.

This clinic has changed my life, in such helpful ways. I'm almost 50, and am able to leave my room and the house.

Sharada is a nurse practioner there who goes above and beyond. She has such patience with me to hear about my therapy. She's really good at administration of the shot, it can sting but she trys to push it in slowly so it won't hurt.

Tina L.

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