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in San Antonio, TX

Our San Antonio center is a very tranquil location nestled among trees, walkways, and Koi ponds just east of the Medical Center on Wurzbach Road. While the very first San Antonio Klarisana was in a small 12 x 20 ft office, our current campus has three comfortable infusion rooms and a very relaxing ambiance. Klarisana San Antonio was one of the first ketamine infusion centers in the country and was the first dedicated ketamine infusion center in all of south Texas. Klarisana has long been a proponent of the idea that the dissociative experience is an integral part of the therapy when it comes to the treatment of mental health conditions. It is important to understand different treatment philosophies between clinics. One of our main competitors in the area feels that the dissociative experience is a “side effect” that needs to be eliminated. They use large doses of benzodiazepines (e.g. Valium) which ensure that patients won’t remember the experience. We feel that this eliminates the possibility of having the kind of transpersonal experiences which lead to a melting away of the ego. This ego dissolution is a big part of how “ketamine changes the channel” when it comes to the treatment of mental health conditions.



8600 Wurzbach Rd., Suite 1110
San Antonio, Texas 78240

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