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Our San Antonio center is a very tranquil location nestled among trees, walkways, and Koi ponds just east of the Medical Center on Wurzbach Road. While the very first San Antonio Klarisana was in a small 12 x 20 ft office, our current campus has three comfortable ketamine therapy rooms and a very relaxing ambiance. Klarisana San Antonio was one of the first ketamine treatment centers in the country and was the first dedicated ketamine therapy center in all of South Texas. Klarisana has long been a proponent of the idea that the dissociative experience is an integral part of therapy when it comes to the treatment of mental health conditions. It is important to understand different treatment philosophies between clinics.

One of our main competitors in the area feels that the dissociative experience is a “side effect” that needs to be eliminated. They use large doses of benzodiazepines (e.g. Valium) which ensure that patients won’t remember the experience. We feel that this eliminates the possibility of having the kind of transpersonal experiences which lead to a melting away of the ego. This ego dissolution is a big part of how “ketamine changes the channel” when it comes to the treatment of mental health conditions.

A Trusted Provider of Groundbreaking Ketamine Treatment in San Antonio, TX

Are you considering ketamine therapy for depression, anxiety, PTSD, or chronic pain? Ketamine treatment offers exciting possibilities for a happier, healthier future, but knowing where to begin can be a challenge. 

Klarisana has been a leader in the field of ketamine treatment and psychedelic-assisted therapy from the beginning, structuring our protocols on published medical research and scientific evidence. We aim to balance innovation and research, crafting an approach to therapy that delivers sustainable, long-lasting results. 

As a founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Klarisana is a model of excellence for ketamine centers across the U.S. Our philosophy is based on forward-thinking, individualized patient care and a desire to make a difference in the lives of patients in need. If it seems like you’ve tried every treatment out there with no success, don’t give up – we urge you to connect with our San Antonio ketamine therapy office now.

Transformative Therapeutic Experiences to Break Through Your Biggest Obstacles

All too often, ketamine clinics in San Antonio and other cities promise to deliver unbelievable results with their proprietary formulations and IM treatments. Unfortunately, these formulations frequently utilize pharmaceutical benzodiazepines to erase the experience, effectively canceling many therapeutic benefits completely. 

Klarisana has found that ketamine therapy appears to be most effective when the experiential aspects of the treatments are allowed to run their course. We take great pride in the fact that so many of our patients report life-changing results beyond what they thought possible, due in large part to our evidence-based approach.

Safe, Expertly-Supervised Ketamine Therapy

Our ketamine therapy clinic in San Antonio is staffed by a team of highly-trained and experienced professionals who are well-equipped to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the entire treatment process. You’ll enjoy the privacy of your very own room, where you will complete each treatment session.

A San Antonio Ketamine Treatment Provider that Accepts Insurance

One of the most common questions our team receives from patients is, “How much does ketamine therapy cost?” Understandably, many prospective patients are concerned about the cost of ketamine treatment. But at Klarisana, we are determined to make the healing potential of ketamine accessible to all individuals in need, which is why we’ve worked diligently to provide the best prices for ketamine treatment in Texas. 

Our affordable rates are set with our patients in mind, with the goal to make a full course of treatment possible even for those on a budget. Additionally, we are pleased to work with a wide range of national insurance providers. 

Are you still wondering if the cost of ketamine therapy is something you can afford? We encourage you to reach out to our San Antonio clinic for more information about your options.

Pursue the Future You Deserve with Ketamine Therapy in San Antonio, TX

You may feel as if all hope is lost – but finding yourself and rediscovering your inner joy is possible with the right treatment. Let Klarisana be the final piece to a puzzle you’ve been trying to solve for too long. We are confident that our San Antonio ketamine treatments can help you emerge from the fog and find a new sense of wellbeing.

Learn more about ketamine therapy and how it can help you by contacting Klarisana today.

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Our Patient Testimonials

Klarisana has the nicest and most professional group of staff members ever. They make you feel comfortable and they care about helping you have the best experience. This treatment absolutely helped me in ways I never thought possible. I hope that more people will consider having this experience because it truly improved my perspective on how I approach conflicts/ anxiety/ depression in my life. I’m glad that Ketamine is becoming more available as a legal therapeutic treatment because everyone deserves the right to pursue this experience whether it be to find happiness, relief from pain, or mental balance.

Ryan W.

Klarisana is awesome! All the staff are super friendly and compassionate and do their best to make you feel at ease. When you come in for an infusion you’re made to feel at home in a comfy recliner, ambient LED lights and Smart TVs to watch whatever while you’re being treated. Ketamine is effective and if you feel like you’ve tried many things with little to no relief then try this

Cruz L.

The admin staff and nurses are the best. Everyone made me feel comfortable and in a safe space. They will accommodate you to make the best experience possible. Overall, my ketamine treatment was great and I have felt so much better since. If you are dealing with any type of mental health issues, I encourage you to look into ketamine therapy and reach out to them for more information. I can’t express how grateful I am for having access to this medicine.

Melissa G.

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