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Our Austin campus was the first dedicated ketamine therapy center in the Austin area that was built from the ground up with the express purpose of providing accessible and affordable ketamine therapy. We are the most experienced ketamine center in the greater Austin area. Klarisana Austin is located in a quiet and serene location in northwest Austin. As with all of our centers, patients are seen in private rooms with careful monitoring. Our experienced staff in Austin create custom dosing plans for each patient that optimizes the transpersonal experience. Klarisana believes that the dissociative experience of ketamine is not a side effect to be eliminated but rather an integral component of the therapy. Many of our competitors in Austin have since realized this and have modified their operations to follow the Klarisana model. Please make sure to watch the informational videos on our YouTube channel to learn more about our philosophy of treatment. Watch our competitors’ YouTube channels as well so that you understand their treatment philosophy and make an educated choice. Not all providers are the same.

Empowering Patients to Reclaim Their Lives with Ketamine Therapy in Austin, TX

As a pioneer of ketamine therapy, Klarisana is one of the longest-running ketamine treatment centers in the U.S. Our ketamine clinics in Austin and other cities are constantly redefining the limits of psychedelic-assisted ketamine therapy going beyond the industry standard to bring new breakthroughs to the field. 

If you’re seeking treatment for chronic conditions such as severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even physical pain, Klarisana may be able to help. Our treatment protocols are founded in published medical evidence, specifically designed to support our patients’ unique journeys to improved wellness. 

Introducing New Possibilities for Ketamine Treatment

Klarisana has taken an innovative approach to ketamine therapy, harnessing both the biochemical and psychedelic effects for the best possible results. Based on our extensive research and in-clinic experiences, our treatment strategy is based on the idea that ketamine’s experiential element isn’t a side effect – instead, it’s one of the key ways to treat conditions such as severe depression effectively.

We aim for a transformational experience that helps patients transcend their unique struggles, which cannot be accomplished with other, commonly-administered treatment options. Using targeted doses above and beyond the NIH protocol standard, Klarisana guides each patient through a customized treatment plan shaped by personal goals, concerns, and more.

A Caring and Compassionate Team of Experts By Your Side

When you’re venturing into a new territory of treatment, it’s normal to feel apprehensive. But at Klarisana, you can be confident that you’re in excellent hands: every member of our team possesses the experience and training necessary to provide you a safe, comfortable experience. 

During your ketamine treatments in Austin, you’ll be placed in a private room, so you can truly relax. 

Putting Affordable Ketamine Treatment Within Easy Reach

Klarisana was founded with the mission to bring the healing potential of ketamine therapy to as many people as possible. As a result, we constantly seek new ways to eliminate the barriers that frequently stand between patients and their wellness. 

As one of the few Austin ketamine therapy providers that accepts a broad range of insurance providers, we make treatment far more accessible. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about expected copays, insurance coverage, and related topics.

There should never be any reason that the budget forces you to put your mental or physical health on hold. When you choose Klarisana, you can prioritize your well-being with the very best in ketamine therapies without experiencing financial hardship. Unsure if you can fit ketamine therapy into your budget? We invite you to contact our Austin facility for more information.

Find Freedom with the Help of Ketamine Treatment in Austin, TX

Since 2015, Klarisana has been dedicated to making a difference in patients’ lives, facilitating superior treatment experiences that unlock a higher quality of life. When all other treatment options have failed, we are often the team that can bring long-awaited relief to the sufferers of chronic pain, severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety

We genuinely believe that no matter what path has brought you to us, we can offer hope and healing. So many of our patients realize that when they stepped through the doors of our Austin ketamine clinic, it was a pivotal point in their lives, the moment that changed everything. 

Learn more about how ketamine therapy works and if it could be the answer, you’re searching for by contacting Klarisana today.

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Great experience and great company. I'm so glad that this treatment is available for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression or PTSD. I went in and I was struggling with making a painful decision in my life and letting go of a painful relationshp and these treatments helped me feel strong enough to make that decision and process all of the emotions that came before, after and during that process for me. I was also working with a professional on my emotional well being also and I think that was a good fit for these treatments.

Laura I.

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