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Relief Is Now in Centennial, CO

If you have been searching for the right kind of therapy to help your PTSD, OCD or other mental health disorders, Klarisana now has a home in Centennial, Colorado to offer you the care that you have been looking for. Klarisana is the innovative leader of ketamine treatment, providing security and peace of mind in six clinics throughout the United States. 

Contact Klarisana Centennial by phone at 844-4-KLARISANA (844-455-2747)

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7200 East Dry Creek Rd Suite #G102

Centennial, CO 80112

Visit our new patient page or contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how ketamine therapy can positively impact your life. 

Who is Klarisana?

Klarisana is a leading Behavioral Health company that focuses its care around its mission to provide quality mental healthcare treatment that is safe, affordable and accessible to all those who seek it. Klarisana offers intramuscular ketamine-assisted therapy as a fast-acting alternative for those struggling with chronic pain, PTSD, OCD and other debilitating disorders.  With Klarisana’s holistic approach, Klarisana is able to guide our patients towards a path of healing and happiness.

Making Ketamine Accessible for You

Klarisana believes that money should never be the deciding factor when it comes to your mental health. Klarisana is pleased to share that Klarisana Centennial will soon accept most major insurance plans and currently offers a range of payment plan options while offering the most competitive prices for ketamine therapy. For those individuals who are on state Medicaid plans, Klarisana Denver and Klarisana Westminster do accept HealthFirst Colorado to help cover services. 

Experienced and Friendly Caregivers Are Always Here

As a founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians and a trusted source of ketamine therapy, Klarisana promises a wealth of expertise and highly trained clinicians to ensure each session is safe and effective. To help ensure this quality of treatment, we have private, quiet rooms with oxygen/cardiac monitoring, along with on-site counselors to ease you into the process. Sessions are usually up to two hours in the clinic which allows the patient to absorb and embrace the psychedelic and transformative euphoria that comes with intramuscular ketamine therapy. The goal is for the experience to be as calming and meditative as possible. 

With the extensive research and tireless passion Klarisana has for ketamine’s healing nature, we will go to many lengths so that you can find solace in this alternative to prescription medication or therapy. 

Klarisana Is The Bridge to Health 

Klarisana is a pioneer in ketamine therapy technology and application. Klarisana hopes to be the bastion to those affected by the pain of mental health disorders. If you are ready to take that step, call us or visit our website to set up a consultation. We will assist you in any way possible. // 844-4-KLARISANA (844-455-2747) 

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