Ketamine Therapy

in Carlsbad, NM

Our Carlsbad clinic is operated through a partnership with Shannon Roper, NP and was the first ketamine provider to open in southeast New Mexico. Klarisana Carlsbad serves the Carlsbad and Roswell areas and serves not only the families in the area but also the large population of people who have relocated there in response to the oil boom. Shannon is an experienced provider who operates a successful primary care clinic, Roper’s Health Oasis. This center has played an integral role in providing primary care services to this area. All the same ketamine protocols and high quality of care that patients in Texas have grown accustomed to are now available in southeast New Mexico. As with all of our Klarisana centers, patients are seen in private rooms with one to one staff monitoring. Shannon and her team will create a custom dosing plan for each patient that optimizes his or her experience. Klarisana believes that the dissociative experience of ketamine is not a side effect to be eliminated but rather an integral component of the therapy for the treatment of mental health conditions. Chronic pain conditions are treated with synergistic infusions of lidocaine and magnesium to attack the pain from several angles. Contact us to find out more!



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