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At Klarisana we are committed to making Ketamine infusion therapy accessible to the largest number of patients possible

Being one of the pioneers in the field of ketamine therapy does not come without certain challenges. Given that the use of ketamine for mental health conditions and chronic pain is considered “off label” by the FDA, many third-party payers have been hesitant to cover ketamine despite the fact that it is supported by almost two decades of medical research. Please review our financial information below and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

If you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, please contact us and ask about our assistance options.


Single one-hour mental health infusion


Induction series of six one-hour infusions


($400 each)

One-hour booster infusions

For established Klarisana patients


Two-hour infusion for chronic pain

May include synergistic medications such as lidocaine and magnesium


Two-hour pain infusions (boosters)

For established Klarisana patients


Important Factors to Consider

The length of infusions at Klarisana.

Our mental health infusion are 60 minutes long instead of the arbitrary 40 minutes of the “NIH protocol.” We feel that the time spent in a “non-ordinary state of consciousness is vital to the success of ketamine. Consequently, we have found that 60 minutes gives patients the ideal time to explore this space without it being too overwhelming.

Our thoughts on the experiential aspect of ketamine.

At Klarisana we believe that the “experiential” aspect of ketamine is not a side effect but rather a critical component of how ketamine works. We have a very progressive and dynamic protocol for escalating the dose of ketamine on subsequent doses to optimize this unique mental space. This requires a significant investment of time by our staff to work with you to create a customized treatment plan to make the most of your experience.

How the Klarisana experience is different

Each one-hour infusion represents a two-hour block of time in one of our clinics. During the time the pump is running we have one of our staff members assigned to you the whole time to monitor you and guide you through what can be a powerful transformative experience in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. A number of other ketamine centers save money by putting you in a room by yourself and have a single staff member watch several patients on a video camera. Worse yet, some centers place their patients in a room together. This does save them money but is very counterproductive to a patient’s healing.

What is the true cost of a ketamine infusion?

The cost of an Induction Series of ketamine infusions is far less than many comparable medical procedures. Some critics will focus on the actual cost of ketamine itself which is almost irrelevant to the price of the infusions. The more important question is not “what does ketamine cost?” but ratherwhat does ketamine do?” An equally important question to ask is “what goes into creating an infrastructure that can create a safe and effective therapeutic environment for patients who oftentimes have very significant symptoms?.” Success with ketamine does not simply involve sitting someone in a chair in the corner and infusing them with ketamine. Effective centers such as Klarisana have perfected the art of creating an environment to safely and effectively guide patients through a process of self-discovery and healing in a powerful psychedelic space. Klarisana is one of the oldest and most experienced ketamine providers in the country. We know what we are doing.

Thorough Intake Process

Klarisana has an expeditious but thorough intake process. Some centers pride themselves on getting you in a chair and infusing you the same day you call them. Ketamine therapy is NOT the same as going to a spa for a massage or mud mask. Infusing a patient the same day he or she calls is reckless and not in patients’ best interest. Ketamine is a safe but powerful medication that creates a powerful psychological response. It is critical that patients receive an appropriate intake screening as ketamine is definitely NOT appropriate for everyone.

We Don’t Play Games

Some ketamine centers offer proprietary blends of ketamine and make completely unfounded claims of superiority for their special concoctions. A proprietary blend where the components are a secret flies in the face of evidence based medicine. In the practice of medicine, it is critical that practitioners are very transparent with their treatments so that others in the medical community can scrutinize the protocols. The practice of medicine is largely based on the premise of the local medical community policing itself. If a clinic will not share what its protocols are and will not present any peer-reviewed medical literature to support their protocols this is concerning. At Klarisana we are very open about our treatment protocols and base them on published medical evidence. Proprietary blends are fine for snow cones and smoothies but have no place in modern medical practice.

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Financing Options

Klarisana’s prices are very much in line with other centers that provide the highest quality experience. That being said, we realize that it can be challenging for some patients to overcome the financial hurdles to start infusion therapy. We have partnered with Health Care Finance Direct to offer financing options for patients. Please feel free to reach out to us because our Patient Care Coordination team would be happy to visit with you at no obligation. We make every effort to make ketamine therapy accessible.


Dealing with insurance companies and other third-party payers has been a challenging uphill battle. The fundamental problem is that there are no CPT codes for what we are doing. What Klarisana and other ketamine providers are offering are very unique procedures that we call “Psychotropic Infusion Therapy” (for mental health) and “Analgesic Infusion Therapy” (for chronic pain). Patients frequently present us with the CPT codes for IV hydration and others. The problem is that those codes do not in any way adequately reflect what we are doing. Giving a patient a bag of normal saline through an IV is very different than guiding them through a psychedelic journey or using ketamine and other complementary medications to break the cycle of pain in a fully monitored setting. That being said, we are able to work with certain insurance companies to submit a claim for “covered services” such as a basic office visit. We then have patients sign an Advance Beneficiary Notification whereby they acknowledge that PIT and AIT are uniquely different and non-covered services.

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Klarisana Outreach is the non-profit sister organization to Klarisana. It is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that exists to provide ketamine infusion therapy to patients who could not otherwise afford it. Klarisana Outreach is actively working to obtain grants and charitable contributions. Funding is based on availability. Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution.

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