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At Klarisana we are committed to making Ketamine infusion therapy accessible to the largest number of patients possible

Being one of the pioneers in the field of ketamine therapy does not come without certain challenges. Given that the use of ketamine for mental health conditions and chronic pain is considered “off label” by the FDA, many third-party payers have been hesitant to cover ketamine despite the fact that it is supported by almost two decades of medical research. That being said, Klarisana has taken the lead by switching to more cost effective intramuscular administration that is equally effective and has less side effects. We can now participate with Colorado and Texas Medicaid as well as many private insurance companies.

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Klarisana rebuilding lives with Ketamine Treatment


Initial One-hour Intramuscular Ketamine Session with Intake


(Cash price for self-pay)

Subsequent One-Hour Ketamine Sessions & Booster Sessions


(Cash price for self-pay)

We offer both in-house payment plans and financing through Healthcare Finance Direct

Insurance Coverage

Klarisana participates with a number of governmental and private insurance programs. We are one of the only ketamine centers that participate with insurance. Many of our patients will have no out of pocket costs other than any required co-pays and deductibles that are required under their insurance policies. 

Please note that, by law, we are not allowed to waive deductibles and co-pays.


Health First Colorado (Medicaid)



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas


Texas Medicaid (Traditional)


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