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Looking for Depression Treatment in Austin? Ketamine has radically changed the paradigm of treatment for severe depression, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, severe anxiety, and other mental health conditions. Traditional antidepressant medications have helped many people but, for a substantial number of patients, they just don’t work. Almost twenty years ago, the first article was published showing that the intravenous infusion of ketamine could significantly reduce depressive symptoms in patients. Since then, multiple studies have continued to support and clarify the important role that ketamine can play in the treatment of severe depression.

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Klarisana is a mission-driven organization committed to “rebuilding lives.” We operate on the core belief that each of us was created with a God-given purpose and reason for living. This purpose can be obscured in people who carry the burden of various medical conditions and/or life circumstances.

The way we see it is that Klarisana is not a clinicit’s an idea. It is the idea that we can help people who are in a dark season of life, realign themselves with the unique mission for which each of them was created.

If our mission resonates with you, then we would love to have the chance to help you. We offer a very unique and somewhat unconventional treatment…but one that nonetheless can potentially help you in a way that other treatments haven’t.

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Ketamine Infusion Is Helping People With Depression Find Relief

The research and clinical experience of hundreds of clinicians around the world has since helped define the generally accepted practice of performing an initial “Induction Series” of six low-dose ketamine infusions in an effort to break the cycle of treatment-resistant depression. This is generally followed by occasional “booster infusions” to build upon the gains that have been made. The timeline for boosters is very individualized; anywhere from one to twelve months depending on the patient.

Some critics would argue that the requirement for booster infusions somehow represents a failure of ketamine. We would strongly disagree. First of all, ketamine is a treatment, not a cure. Secondly, based on our clinical experience, patients report that the boosters are not just like “refilling the gas tank” but rather help them to move further along their journey of healing and personal development. As one patient reported, “I look forward to the boosters because they help me to reset my thoughts and get grounded again.” We invite you to contact us today for more information.

Klarisana - Austin

Melissa Mason

Nurse Practitioner

Melissa is a board certified family nurse practitioner with a background in medical-surgical, telemetry, endoscopy, diabetes/endocrinology, home health, and cardiac electrophysiology. She obtained her undergraduate nursing degree from Louisiana Tech University and both her Master's and Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees from Frontier Nursing University. She was drawn to Klarisana due to her passion for improving not only patients' health and well-being, but also their overall vibrancy and quality of life. Melissa maintains dual licensure in both Texas and Louisiana and also works part-time in a functional medicine practice. In her free time, she loves reading, cooking, exercising, and spending time with her husband and two pugs.

Coby Phillips

PA-C - Austin

Coby Phillips, PA-C is a nationally certified physician assistant who brings over 15 years of surgical experience in orthopedics, reconstructive craniofacial plastics, and cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. She is passionate about forward-thinking, team-based approches to healthcare including the profound role animals can and do play in mental & physical health outcomes.
She is excited to be a part of the Klarisana team, making such substantial positive changes in lives on a daily basis.

Lisa Plotkin

PA-C - Austin

Lisa came to Klarisana with a background in emergency medicine and urgent care. Her interest in working as a physician assistant stemmed from the flexibility it affords to more thoroughly educate patients and assist with their needs more holistically, particularly when there were opportunities to address co-occurring mental and physical health needs. When not at work, she spends time reading, going on walks and hikes with her spaniel, Milly, and enjoying live music across Austin.

Jon V. Wolfe

LP/MPA - Austin Administrative Coordinator

Jon joined the Klarisana team earlier this year and he is responsible for maintaining the daily operations of the ATX clinic, ensuring that all patients and practices are managed with the utmost compassion and respect. Jon’s background includes over 20 years in emergency medicine, mainly in the pre-hospital environment, where he worked on the elite Special Operations Team serving over 13 years with the City of Austin/Travis County EMS. He has been involved in almost all aspects of business and combined with his clinical expertise, he provides patients with the highest level of service to achieve the most beneficial therapy possible. Presently, Jon is also taking the lead in two key projects. He is the Project Coordinator for the Annual Conference Debut for the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, as well as, assisting with a research series on Ketamine Infusion Therapy for First Responders with Occupational Related PTSD.

Hannah Hollowell

Medic - Austin

Hannah is a Medic at our Austin location; her attentiveness, compassion and superb customer service brings vitality and great energy to our team. Hannah provides constant medical monitoring of the patient throughout their treatment, as well as, creating the best environment and setting possible to achieve the most optimal outcome.

Zayed Abu-Hala

EMT-P - Austin

Zayed is an experienced paramedic who brings a solid set of clinical skills to our Austin center. He is an avid guitar player and loves spending time with his two highly motivated dogs!

Jen Biddle

LCSW-S - Austin

Jen has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2010 and a social worker for over 20 years. She worked as an ER Social Worker at University Medical Center at Brackenridge for 10 years before leaving to practice psychotherapy on her own. She has a beautiful nine year old daughter and a lab named Dr Pepper.

Michele Chandler

LCSW - Austin

Michele is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a very experienced psychotherapist. She works with our Austin center and performs intakes and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.