NPR interview on psychedelic medicine

This is a great article to read and consider as we approach the release of esketamine nasal spray. Many in the pharmaceutical industry feel that the “experiential” and “psychedelic” effects of ketamine are side effects or adverse reactions. We believe that the opposite is true. These effects are an integral part of the treatment. Ketamine produces an intense transpersonal, transdimensional, and transformative experience that can break the dark mental paradigm that many with severe depression and PTSD are locked into.

Klarisana offers ketamine infusion therapy in Austin and San Antonio that targets the optimum experiential level for each patient. Call us to find out if ketamine may be appropriate for you!

Carl J. Bonnett, MD

Dr. Carl J. Bonnett is the founder and Chief Medical Doctor at Klarisana. As a twenty-year veteran of the Army National Guard, Carl saw ketamine therapy as a valuable way to help others in mental and physical distress at Klarisana.

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