Meet The Klarisana Team

At Klarisana, we are proud to work with the best professionals in the industry who care about your mental health and help you get back to your normal self. We are pioneers in the treatment of mood & pain disorders through the clinical use of Ketamine — a revolutionary treatment for mental health conditions.

Administrative Staff

Carl J. Bonnett, MD | Klarisana

Carl J. Bonnett, MD

Founder / Chief Medical Officer

Alyssa Soto

Alyssa Soto

Administrative Director

Alyssa is responsible for the day to day operation of Klarisana. She oversees scheduling, billing, and operational coordination between our centers. She brings many years of experience in medical practice administration and is truly the glue that holds Klarisana together. Alyssa holds a degree in Biblical Studies from Bethesda School of Ministry.
Laura Davila | Klarisana

Laura C. Davila

Director of Patient Experience

Laura oversees the Marketing, Sales, Outreach and Business Development departments of Klarisana. She is a Houston, Texas native and a graduate of Texas State University. Her studies included a focus in Psychology and Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. Laura’s motivation comes from a passion to help others be their best versions of themselves. She has always been interested in the use of innovative and forward-leaning therapies in mental health so Klarisana is a natural fit. In Laura’s free time she enjoys spending time outdoors and playing with her 2 dogs, Jaxon and Paisley.

Dr. Tanner Simpson, PsyD

Dr. Tanner Simpson, PsyD

Director of Behavioral Health Services

Dr. Tanner Simpson, PsyD is a clinical psychologist with our Colorado team.
BJ | IT Manager | Klarisana


Information Technology Manager

Casey Sayre

Director of Operations



Administrative Assistant - San Antonio

Aleksandra works closely with Alyssa to coordinate scheduling at the Klarisana centers, coordinate follow up with patients' primary care providers, and help to ensure a smooth coordination of care between our campuses.
Christina | Klarisana


Intake Coordinator

Kendall | Klarisana Austin


Care Coordinator

Trevor Morrison

Care Coordinator

Sabry Ba'Alawy

Outreach Assistant

Shannon Roper, FNP | Klarisana

Shannon Roper F-NP

New Mexico Clinical Director

Beto Quezada - RPh

Independent Clinical Pharmacist

Beto is an independent pharmacist who reviews all of our pharmacy records and ensures that all of our policies and protocols are in compliance with state and federal laws.
Chris Sturdevant | Veteran Outreach Director | Klarisana

Chris Sturdevant PA-C

Veteran Outreach Director

The Colorado Team

Carolyn Gubelin NP

Nurse Practitioner - Colorado

Trista Charnas, LPC

Trista Charnas, LPC

Licenced Therapist - Colorado Team

Trista Charnas is a Licensed Professional Counselor with our Colorado team.

Lori Cline

Nurse Practitioner

The Texas Team

Holly Thrailkill, NP | Klarisana Austin

Holly Thrailkill NP

Nurse Practitioner - Austin

Jennifer Curtis, NP | Klarisana San Antonio

Jennifer Curtis NP

Nurse Practitioner - San Antonio

Theresa Riggins, NP | Klarisana

Theresa Riggins NP

Nurse Practitioner - San Antonio

Sarah Grant, NP | Klarisana Austin

Sarah Grant NP

Nurse Practitioner - Austin

Dr. Claudia Pyland | Klarisana

Dr. Claudia Pyland, PhD


Dr. Pyland is a psychologist who supports our Texas clinics.

Chelsea Kelley NP

Nurse Practitioner - Texas

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Sarah Wycheck NP

Nurse Practitioner- Texas

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