We rebuild lives in order to help people carry out the mission for which they were created.

Meet the Klarisana Team

Why does Klarisana exist?

Klarisana is a mission-driven organization committed to “rebuilding lives.” We operate on the core belief that each of us was created with a God-given purpose and reason for living. This purpose can be obscured in people who carry the burden of various medical conditions and/or life circumstances. The way we see it is that Klarisana is not a clinicit’s an idea. It is the idea that we can help people who are in a dark season of life, realign themselves with the unique mission for which each of them was created. Klarisana believes you will find that there is a very important spiritual and existential component that goes into using ketamine to treat depression and post traumatic stress. We serve patients from very diverse backgrounds in a supportive and nonjudgemental fashion.

If our mission resonates with you, then we would love to have the chance to help you. We offer a very unique and somewhat unconventional treatment…but one that nonetheless can potentially help you in a way that other treatments haven’t. We made a very conscious decision to walk beside those who are hurting…both psychologically and physically in order to truly have an impact on people’s lives. When you visit one of our centers and meet with our clinical staff, we are confident that you will agree that Klarisana is a very unique organization.


Welcome to Klarisana

Klarisana’s History

Klarisana was founded in 2015, by Dr. Carl J. Bonnett, MD. Dr. Bonnett had become very frustrated with the alarming suicide rate among US military veterans. At the same time, he was also very concerned about the many other veterans who’s symptoms of PTSD, depression, and chronic pain were being poorly controlled. As an emergency physician, Dr. Bonnett had extensive experience with ketamine in both emergency medicine and in forward-deployed military environments. The concept that ketamine could actually treat severe depression, PTSD and other mental health conditions represented a radical but exciting paradigm shift in the traditional use of ketamine. Against this background, Klarisana was born in an austere one room office on the north side of San Antonio. We now can look back and smile knowing that this 12 x 20 foot office was probably the “smallest ketamine clinic in the world.” It was also the first center in southern Texas that was created from the ground up with the express purpose of providing ketamine therapy for the treatment of mental health disorders. At the time, there were only a handful of ketamine centers in the US. We had patients flying to San Antonio from all around the country to receive treatment. We continued to perfect the process of administering outpatient ketamine and we were impressed by the positive changes that ketamine brought to our patients. Today our San Antonio campus operates out of a much larger facility that offers a safe and tranquil environment. Additionally we have opened our second campus in Austin, Texas. Klarisana continues to lead the way as the first center in Texas to embrace the concept of ketamine facilitated psychotherapy.

Klarisana’s commitment to Veterans

Klarisana exists to serve all people regardless of their background or any other discriminating factor. That being said, the initial spark that gave rise to the creation of Klarisana was the alarming Veteran suicide rate. We saw the crisis with Veteran suicide as a “loose ball on the field” that someone needed to jump on it. That “someone” was Klarisana. The first article showing that ketamine could play an important role in the treatment of combat PTSD was published in 2008 but very little had been done after that to further research this promising therapy. Our founder, Dr. Carl J. Bonnett, MD is a twenty year veteran of the Army National Guard and has been personally affected by the toll that Veteran suicide takes on our nation. His goal has been to develop Klarisana into the premier organization for making ketamine therapy accessible to the Veteran population. To learn more about Klarisana’s history and commitment to Veterans’ health please download Dr. Bonnett’s letter to Veterans at the link below.

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Información en español

Klarisana ofrece un tratamiento innovador y efectivo para la depresión severa, depresión posparto, el trastorno de estrés postraumático (TEPT), y dolencias crónicas tales como fibromialgia, artritis reumatoide, dolor neuropático y migraña.

Klarisana ofrece dosis bajas de ketamina para el tratamiento de la depresión severa, TEPT, y varias condiciones de dolor crónico en Austin y San Antonio, Texas. Múltiples estudios han demostrado que una serie de seis sesiones de ketamina de baja dosis durante una hora puede mejorar dramáticamente los síntomas de la depresión severa que ha sido resistente a la terapia con medicamentos convencionales en más del 70 % de los pacientes. Las sesiones en Klarisana se realizan en salas privadas con monitoreo individual, monitoreadas en forma individual con un personal de Klarisana. Nuestro equipo de admisión y la mayoría del personal clínico habla español.

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Klarisana is a founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians.

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